Thursday, 18 December 2014

Maureen's Broken Dishes

I think Maureen said that the design for this quilt come from an Edyta Sitar collection. I really like the way that this quilt is laid out, with the three rows of broken dishes blocks, separated from each other by a row of rectangles. This would be a brilliant scrap buster quilt. I asked Maureen if her pile of scraps is any smaller...... the answer was nope.
It was quilted with a free hand over all swirl. All those curves are a perfect compliment to all the angles in the piecing.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Charlene's Baby Quilt

 This is a quilt I did up for Charlene not all that long ago. I'm actually almost all caught up with documenting the quilts I've done for customers over the past year. In this one, Charlene used a collection of fabrics, although I don't know the name of the collection. They are lovely soft, nursery type colours and patterns. I'm not sure if you can see the design on the light grey fabric inside the darker grey frame if you biggie size the picture. It's little tiny yellow airplanes. I just happened to have an airplane pantograph in my collection, and it seemed a perfect pairing for this quilt.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Stash Report, week 50, 2014

Ok, now that is just too weird........ week 50 of 2014....... how did that come so fast?!?!? I had plans, great plans, on having my stash numbers read in negative numbers this year, meaning more used than added. I somehow don't think I'm going to make it. Oh well, a girl just has to have fabric to play with, and the choices in my stash for large amounts of fabric are getting limited. I've got lots of fat quarters, but not as much in yardage. I'm making pillow cases, and it was a real challenge to come up with combinations for the cuffs in fabrics that I had that weren't fat quarters. I have stash added numbers again this week, but almost all of it is for those pillow cases. The rest of it is diagonal stripes that I love using for bindings, and pick up whenever available.

Used this week:                                                5 yards
Used this year:                                            116.4 yards
Added this week:                                               9 yards
Added this year:                                            134.75 yards
Balance:                                                    18.35 yards net added

I'm continuing to make backings for quilts that are waiting for quilting, so that when time or mood hit, they are ready to be loaded onto the machine and finished. The next quilt getting a backing is my Rainbow Scrappy Challenge. I have some fabrics here, none of them more than a yard each, that fit into the "what on earth was I thinking?" category of fabrics. So I think I'm going to cut them up and make them into a scrappy type backing, along with left over blocks from the quilt.
I'm linking up with Judy's Stash Report, and then I think I'll get to work on that backing.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Gail's T-shirt quilt

This is one very special quilt, made out of memories and love. Gail has friends who have a daughter with Rett's syndrome. Gail did a blog post about it here and here. I was so pleased to be able to be part of this quilt. The piecing on this is entirely free form. Gail decided that she wanted something different pieced into each of the filler areas between the t-shirts. It is a totally unique creation, not another one like it in the world.
Several of the t-shirts that went into the quilt talked about "silent angels". So, it made perfect sense to use the angel pantograph on this quilt. What a beautiful, wonderful gift for Gail's friends and their daughter.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Angie's Strings

This is the second of two quilts I did for Angie. Somehow, I missed getting a picture of the other one. For both of her quilts, she chose the Angel pantograph. This seems to be turning into a much used and wanted quilting design. It gives such lovely curves all over the quilt. It's only when looking closely that the angels are obvious. Angie used such a soft and soothing colour palette in this lap quilt. It would be at home in almost any room it occupied. Here's a close up of all those soft lovely fabrics, and the curvy angel design on top of them.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Maureen's Celtic Solstice

This is Maureen's Celtic Solstice, a Bonnie Hunter mystery from a few years ago. It's done just in time to start the mystery for this year, which I'm pretty sure Maureen said she's doing. She always puts her own spin on them, though, by using a different colour palette for them, or one that is similar, but more muted. I love the subtle colours in this one.
I quilted it using the Northern Star pantograph. Stars and swirls, a perfect combination.

Monday, 8 December 2014

Design Wall Monday, Dec. 8, 2014

It's been a while since I did a post for design wall Monday. For some reason lately, I haven't had my act together enough to have picture and time to write on Mondays.  I put up a few more fabrics on the wall for this Plus Sign quilt today, filling up the space at the top of the wall. Since I took this picture, I've gotten the first four vertical rows webbed together. I'll sew the horizontal seams once all the verticals that are up there right now are done. I think that will be the easiest way to keep track of which fabrics are going where. If there are any left over at the bottom or at the sides when this section is done, I'll pin them to the wall so they don't get lost. Then I can use them as the starting point for another section, depending on how big I decide to make it. I still have a lot of sets of five squares of fabric left, so it has the potential to be at least twin sized. I'm using 2 1/2 inch squares for this. When all sewn together, this section will be 40x48 inches. It's a good start. There are a couple of spots where I can see that maybe the fabrics need to be moved around for greater contrast between the plus signs. I'm not sure if I'm going to get that fussy about it, though. Or maybe, just the one spot where the yellow/green is running into each other..........
I'm going to link up to Judy's Patchwork Times